Kenyan Climber Cheruiyot Kirui dead on Mt Everest


Kenyan climber Cheruiyot Kirui is dead. Kirui died on the top of Mount Everest. He wanted to make history by climbing to the top of the mountain without oxygen supplementation.

He had reached at the top of the mountain when he ran shot of oxygen.He struggled to breath and when he sensed that he might not survive, he jumped from the top and rolled several times, leading to his death.

This is what the Mt Everest climbing route looks like.

Summit (29,029 ft) – Highest point on Earth, located in the “Death Zone,” where oxygen levels are critically low. It includes the Hillary Step, a nearly vertical rock face climbed with fixed ropes, known for being a bottleneck due to its one-climber-at-a-time capacity.

Camp IV (26,085 ft) – First camp within the Death Zone where climbers can no longer acclimatize due to the extreme altitude.

Camp III (23,625 ft) –  A steep and icy section known as the ‘Lhotse Face’ that climbers must navigate on their way to the summit.

Cheruiyot Kirui is a professional mountain climber. He had climbed Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, some of the highest mountains in the world.

A total of 330 people have died on the top of Mount Everest.That enough is a red flag.The mountain is 8,849 m tall.At the peak, oxygen levels are extremely low.