Kenyan lady reveals how she arrived in Saudi Arabia, how she was treated by the host and how she was forced to sleep with a man


Here is a story of a Kenyan woman revealing what happens to Kenyans in Saudi Arabia:


17th April was my very first day to fly yani kupanda ndege to Maddina Saudi ,the excitement wueeeh Mimi alilililililililiiiiiiiiii

So i met an agent just here on Facebook her name is Mary i don’t want to expose her maybe i was the unlucky one i don’t know,everything was so fast nikatengenezewa passport haraka 2days imetoka day 3tunasafiri ,we were a group of 8ladies all below 35,nilipewa high class treatment mpaka airport kila mtu akapewa passport yake sisi hao mpaka saudi ,tukafika kwa ka ofisi passport zetu zikachukuliwa wakasema ,they will give them back after 3days lakini kazi tunaingia immediately,texted Mary on whats up wakasema its all in order because that is the only person i trust you know………

Mimi na another lady kwa gari mbbbbbbrrr mpaka Maddina i was dropped first ,wakaongea lughya yao bado inanipita tu ,mwarabu akaniingiza kwa nyumba .

Nikapelekwa kwa kastore kamejaa magunia mingi nakamattress “that is your room ,clean it up” aaah sikuuliza swali nikatandika magunia in order nikaweka mattress juu nikatoa vumbi alaas room is clean ,went to report nimemaliza akasema sawa you rest ……after like 3hrs manze i was hungry nikajitoa nikaenda kuulizia chakula in a polite manner ,then the son akanijibu “eat and no work!! Your country eat no work!!” Waaaaaah nikarudi na njaa zangu madam mwenyewe akaja akaniambia hapa your eat after work ,sikuelewa she fast took my phone and said i will have it every day by 8pm ,kazi ni kudance half naked mbele ya wageni wao,they have a bar at home so us we were 5there i met 4more but hao sio kenyans niwatu wao tu,so ukidance hapo wafurahie unapewa 9riyals immediately after performance,aiiiiii i refused akaniweka slap akaniambia,”which work you sign for??? Aaah “

Nikamjibu nanny job,cook ,clean and take care of children ,nikaongezwa slap ingine na kufungiwa kwa karoom keusi yani giza all alone…nakuja kuendelea part 2


Let us call it THE BEATING

You remember I was locked up In a dark room alone,it was very tiny dark and cold ,let me say for approximately 2hrs ,the moment she opened she took me out and sat me on the dinning table,asked “you want job ! You want job or die! “

I gently replied I want the job but at least teach me a few skills ,this reply of mine came because of dear Daniel.,because o left him in a care home so that I can work and feed him,work to get him a wheelchair,iwork so that I can pay his care home for him to get a few skills ,so yes I will work . When she heard this reply she said “mashalllah don’t be hard again else you not like me!!” I smiled and agreed.

Remember I don’t have my phone and I have not fed and this is just day 1. This was around 11pm ,I decided to request for food again ,this time she gave me and said ” you eat ,so that you whine well,right?” As she smiled

I agreed ,yes I fed well and now it was time for the show ,just imagine the 34yr old me naked dancing in front of boys that can call me mother ,yes I agreed just to save my life and just to deliver my son’s promise .

Now as you dance the boys touch you and such one attempted to have xx with me just there as he slurped me but no i refused again because this is not what I bargained for ,I refused and got out of the room and left the other waarabu women doing there thing ,it looked like something they are used to and know of very well . The madam came for me again and asked riff roughed me once again throwing all sort of abuses to me ,this round I was taken to a room with a bed and lights and I met another kenyan there we were 4 in the room ,and I was given my phone and told to prepare for my death,nobody jokes with her clients ….wueeeeh

Hapa I immediately looked for Mary the agent sent her a message real quick but after reading she blocked me and never replied. Hapo ndio nilijua Mimi kwisha now its me and me alone

The kenyan gal I met Clara alianza kunionyesha alama ako nazo zakupigwa ju yakukataa kazi ya Madam ,so I was waiting for my turn ,ju hao walikuwa wamemaliza turn yao so yes my turn came I can’t tell how long we stayed in there but the husband came na nyahunyo and ordered me to lie down sikukataa because what do I do

I received almost 20 strokes on my back ,my back has more damages than this small one all over my hands .this went on for 1wk she would come ask” who want job!” No one !!! Useless !!! And live no food no wi-fe ,I had no data my phone finally went off as I tried to reach mary every time.

So we were all hungry and receiving strokes daily nwana I could not take it anymore I had to pretend am sick I feel on the floor immediately the man entered and started crying loudly saying my tummy hurts ,the woman rushed and came to “what wrong?” Tummy pain you!” You die me bury you ……..wueeeh and they left so anytime I would hear foot steps I would start wailing and roll on the floor ,so this one morning its the man who came to ask if anyone is intrested to join the party as normal ,hapa ndio niliamua kupretend vixuri am sick started acting like mtu ako na kifafa shaking shouting ….baaass nilinyanyuliwa juu kwa juu nikatolewa kwa nyumba nikatupwa kwa takataka compost yani Mimi nimaiti tayari next where I was thrown was another body that was thrown there too ,         I was in pain weak but I crawled mpaka kwa lami how I got myself pus my bag my passport in a hospital I don’t know ,that remains a wonder to me too ,I decided there I will also not speak or utter a word ,some police came there tried to question me but still I never said a word ,that is how I was deported after staying in hospital cell for 4days ( calling it a hospital cell coz I was tied to the bed with hand cuffs )……vile niliona nimepandiswa ndege na inaongea kwa kiswahili nilishukuru mungu,I just don’t know what or how it happened but am back to my village safe with my life and nursing injuries…..tried to look for Mary but all in vain

Wale mko saudia mungu awalinde heri nikufie kenya

I will never