How to submit Casino and betting sponsored posts online on a website


There are many factors to consider before submitting sponsored posts for Casino or betting tips on a website.

Website Domain Authority

A website with high domain authority will rank your article higher, hence better visibility. Always ensure that the DA is more than 30%.

Whether the website is monetizing with AdSense

Most websites monetizing with AdSense don’t accept casino sponsored content. In case you notice that the website is monetizing with AdSense, don’t be quick to engage them.

Niche of the website

Your target niche should be betting, sports, news, casino and business. But if you post on betting tips sites, your blog post will get more clicks and conversions.


Most publishers charge as high as $2000 per blog post. But an average site with 10,000 to 100,000 views shouldn’t charge more than $500 per blog post.

Below is the amount of money you should pay per sponsored post:

5,000 visits—$20

10,000 visits—$30

20,000 visits—$50

100,000 visits—$200

50,000 visits–$75

200,000 visits—$300

500,000 visits—$500

1 million visits–$700

The cost varies based on niche. The amount stated above is for sports, betting and casino niches. Other niches should charge less.

Geographical location of the traffic

Post your articles on blogs which originate from the country your company is based. If your company is in Kenya, your blog post should be posted on Kenyan sites.

Types of links

There are two types of links, do-follow and non-follow links. Post on sites which accept both links. The sites should also have the posts permanently posted on the sites. The posts should also not be labelled “sponsored”.

Where to post casino and betting sponsored posts

Venas News is the best site to post sponsored articles on Casino and betting. We charge $200-$300 per article. The article will not be labelled: sponsored” and will be permanent on our site.

Submit the article to :[email protected]

We will post the article on Venas News and send the live link to you. You will then make the payment.

You are allowed to post as many articles as possible on Vens News. Our domain authority is above 40, which means that it’s authority site.