Who is Eric Latiff


Eric Latiff is one of the journalists who interviewed President William Ruto.If you want to know who the journalist is,below is the story:

In 2000 I started my journey in the media space. My interview was oral. A make-believe scenario of a live radio presenter doing a show. This concept was created by one young man, Eric Latiff. He was in the company of Ciru Gikonyo (formerly Ciru Githongo) and advertising guru Omari Abdalla. They were impressed by my energy, content and language flow.

Thats how I met Eric Latiff at Kameme FM. He was a radio creative, station voice over artist and program producer.

Eric went to the prestigious Mangu High School and passed very well. He qualified to join the university. There was no university that was training telecommunication engineers which was his passion. He opted for KIMC where this course is offered. Upon completion he interned at Standard Media Group before Kameme launched. Eric is the brain behind Great Kenyan Series on Kameme FM. He also hosted Kameme Countdown. Eric hosted the late South African musician Brenda Fassie when she visited Kenya.

In 2003 he left Kameme for Capital FM.

Eric Latiff was the first TV Manager when the all-news K24 TV launched. He would later move to KTN as a prime time news anchor.

The telecommunication engineer is now one of the hosts at Spice FM’s flagship show, The Situation Room, which is simultaneously live on KTN.

Eric Latiff is a brilliant, sober and forthright interviewer who knows his content well. In his well-structured engagements , he is impartial and always on the side of the truth for the benefit of his audience. Latiff is gifted with a resonant voice and a cool demeanor which compliments his all-round journalistic skills to cut him above many of his peers in the fourth estate.

He moderated the 2022 Presidential Debate alongside Yvonne Okwara and in the 2024 Presidential Roundtable at Statehouse with Joe Ageyo and Linus Kaikai.

Eric Latiff is an entrepreneur in the digital space.


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