Jameni Actor Detained for Impersonating Inspector General Joseph Binnett



There was drama at Wilson Airport when Jameni Actor Sergon Kiptarus tried to impersonate the current Police Inspector.It all started when the actor entered a room which was full of Police in a complete police uniform and a police cap and as the police saw him they stood still,greeted him cautiously and saluted severally as they bow before him.

All of a sudden the salutes changed to being dragged and detained in the airport.The actor,together with his crew were forced to eat “beans” in cell as they pleaded that they were shooting a scene for a TV show.

They were later released after convincing the officer beyond doubts that they were not crooks.It’s not clear though whether the episode will be aired on KTN during Jameni program.

Jameni is a new comedy show at KTN whose crew impersonate various celebrities in Kenya to make fun out of it.Shaniqua is one of the most popular name in the programme.


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