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Where to Buy a Genuine Smartphone in Nairobi, Kenya


It’s always hard to identify the best shop in Nairobi where to buy a genuine smartphone.

Since mobile phones found their way to the country 15 years ago, there has been  influx of millions of phones, genuine smartphones and the fake ones. As the scramble for the few genuine Smartphones continue, many Kenyans are at cross roads on where to find the best and genuine phones.

In Nairobi, for instance, there are over 1,000 shops which sell smart phones. Most of these shops sell phones from China, which are not the best according to a survey conducted in the country.

Having money in Kenya to buy a genuine smartphone is almost next to impossibility, considering the economic situation the country is facing, but having a clue on where to find a genuine phone is the best thing to happen to anyone whose is keen not to be conned.

The following are areas in Nairobi where you can get a genuine phone that can give you value for your money.

1. Safaricom Shop
Safaricom has branches throughout the country which sell all mobile brands. The best thing with buying a phone from Safaricom is that they provide a sales warrant and you are always assured that the phone is genuine. Once your phone develops internal problem, you present it to the nearest Safaricom shop together with the warrant and get the problem fixed.

2. Airtel and Orange Shops
The Telecom companies are very reliable since the services they provide are very essential to the common man.Having genuine smartphones is one way to attract and retain customers, that’s the reason why you should trust their gadgets.

3. Jumia
Jumia started operating in Kenya in 2012; it has since grown to become electronic market leader in East African region.

Jumia not only sends you the smartphone but they also deliver it to you, thus making it reliable and convenient.
The online store also offers their services with extremely low prices, making them the cheapest online store in Kenya.

4. Along Luthuli Avenue
There are several shops which sell smart phones along Luthuli Avenue. The phones are not only cheap but also genuine.

When you go to purchase yours, ensure that you specifically go to a shop which sells in bulk and not the retail one. Such shops sell to retailers, who in turn sell to their customers expensively.
There is also a smartphone store along Luthuli Avenue, if you wish to sell phones and other electronics; you can also visit the area.

5. Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Nokia stores in Nairobi
The brands listed above have certified stores in Nairobi. These stores receive phones direct from the industries where they are manufactured. If you buy a phone from such a store, be rest assured that you’ll encounter zero problems.


Kilimall is an online shop which sell smartphones,electronics,clothes and other household products.This company,over time,has proved to be reliable and most trusted by customers.

When you buy a phone from Kilimall,you are presented with a Warrant,which implies that you can return the phone to the company in case you detect any flaws.