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How Kanze Dena Almost Committed Suicide


Kanze Dena,Citizen TV news anchor almost committed suicide when her boyfriend deserted her,leaving her with a kid,hungry and desperate for a living.

The presenter had a chance to speak to DJ Moz and narrated how she almost committed suicide in several occasions due to issues of low self-esteem.

“I would come on air and read the news on a happy mood but inside i would be struggling with low self-esteem. I have questioned myself several times if i am a good mother to my son who is now 9 years. “Said Kanze as she shed tears during the emotional interview.

However, after undergoing a lot of soul searching she managed to overcome the challenges and decided to live normal life.

“I came to a place where I started believing that GOD knows Me and started telling myself that I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Every day is a continuous process and right now I believe in who GOD says I am”. She added.

The beautiful presenter has accepted God in her life and decided to live with reality; she is a single mother.

Kanze Dena finds herself in a situation where most women find themselves, especially when they become mothers at a tender age.This situation needs either counseling or personal acceptance,otherwise one can drown into depression or completely lose self esteem.