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EXCLUSIVE Photos of Obama’s Limousine-The BEAST!



Obama’s limousine is one of the most powerful cars in the world.Referred to as The Beast,the car is bullet proof,long,fast,trendy and above all the most comfortable.

Obama is arguably the most powerful man on earth,the responsibilities which come with his seat demand heavy security.He travels a lot, interacts a lot and shares alot, that’s why he is the most protected man on earth.

Being the president of a super power,a beast is enough to provide protection of up to 99 percent.


The beast is an  Armored plated  car with an eight inches thick door,a boot with oxygen supply and fire fighting system,which are some of the features which makes the beast the most sophisticated car in the world

The vehicle which is manufactured by General Motors costs approximately $1.5 million.This price is crazy as it only competes with the most expensive cars in the Universe.

Apart from the huge price,the car provides the best comfort that you could expect from a car of this caliber.

This is the vehicle Obama will use during his Kenyan tour.The vehicle is expected to arrive at JKIA through the Potus and Obama will be assured of his security once in it.