I have no evidence against Ruto and Sang:Fatou Bensouda



William Samoei Ruto is a happy man this evening as the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda officially declares that she lacks enough evidence to jail the duo.This means that the charges will be dropped sooner than expected ,which is a blow to post election violence victims.

The ICC case has been a magnet for Jubilee administration;dropping of the charges for Ruto is likely to change the political dynamics of the Jubilee administration since he will be a free man with many political options.It’s also a relief for Raila Odinga since he’s likely to sweet talk Ruto to join his party and challenge Uhuru in 2017.

Ruto was one of the six Kenyans whose name was in Waki commission and this case was the last in ICC file.Bensouda is likely to conclude this case in September 2017 since all the witnesses have either disappeared or refused to testify.


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