This is what happened to the Kenyan Lawyer who wanted to Marry Malia Obama



The name Felix Kiprono hit the headlines this week after miraculously offered to pay 50 cows,30 goats and 70 sheep so that Obama can release  her daughter for him.According to Kiprono,the man who wanted to swear William Ruto when Uhuru was at the ICC,he has been admiring the girl since 2008 and now the temptations to marry her are alive and kicking.

But all these wishful thinking did not augur well for this young man full of life.Most people argue that Malia is 16 years old ,therefore she is a teenager who is not ripe for marriage.If a man ever thinks in that line,jailing him should be an option.

Obama has not yet responded but he’ll likely to comment on the matter when he’ll tour Kenya on 23rd October this year.