I Own Weston Hotel and Raila Manufactures Scandals for Me:Ruto



Ruto has finally come out to confirm that he is the real owner of the controversial Weston Hotel.Ruto,who was speaking on Citizen TV, confirmed that he owns the Hotel and no one should come near it.He further clarified that he has no apologies to make over it.

On the other hand, the Deputy President complained that Raila is the major cause of his problems, from ICC cases to land grabbing.

“Raila is aimlessly moving around the country claiming that I am corrupt yet he is the king of corruption,ask him where there is kazi kwa vijana millions”said Ruto

Langata Primary playing ground hit the headlines this year over grabbing allegations.Weston Hotel owners were blamed of trying to grab the school property.

Though Lands Minister Charity Ngilu revealed the names of the land grabbers,the names were too strange to be true.