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Jackoyo Midiwo is sleeping with Uhuru:ODM



The Orange Democratic movement leadership has accused Raila’s relative of sabotaging the party by leaking secrets to Jubilee coalition.Almost all legislatures are concerned over Midiwo’s silence and absence from the party’s rallies and meetings.

Midiwo ,who was Raila’s right soldier during the 2013 elections, is now said to be a Jubilee mole and¬† soon he might face disciplinary actions or be dismissed from the party.

During the beyond zero campaign race organized by the first lady Margaret Kenyatta early this year, Midiwo was seen in the front line running like a cheetah and since then his friendship with Jubilee has blossomed,which has given Raila sleepless nights.

It is said that Midiwo has held several secret meetings with William Ruto, and very soon he might declare his political stand.