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List of Best Paying Government institutions in Kenya ,with highest Salaries of above Ksh 100,000


Everyone wants to work for the government,but few know the best paying government institutions in the country.This is where Venas News comes in.We would discuss exhaustively the best government institutions to work for in the country if you need the best pay and favourable working environment.

Working with the government of Kenya will assure you of job security ,but sometimes deny you the best salary-but there are some government institutions and which pay fresh graduate starting salaries upwards of Ksh 100,000.Such state corporations set their salaries based on the complexity of the work done by their employees and the income they generate.To get employed there,however,is not an easy task because many Kenyans are aware the salaries are good.There are also hidden facts,like knowing someone big and also pursuing certain courses.

Before we discuss further,the following is a list of best paying government institutions in Kenya

  • NSIS (National Security and Intelligent Service)
  • Central Bank of Kenya
  • Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  • Kenya Airports Authority
  • Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Nairobi Securities Exchange
  • Communication Authority of Kenya
  • Capital Markets Authority
  • KeGen
  • Kenya Airways
  • State House
  • Parliamentary Service Commission
  • Kenya Airways
  • Kenya Ports Authority
  • Kenya Films and Classification Board
  • Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Kenya Re
  • Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Retirement Benefits Authority
  • NSSF
  • NHIF
  • Parliament of Kenya
  • National Transport and Safety Authority
  • Kenya Medical Research Institute
  • Kenya Power

Most of these organizations employ fresh graduates and train them for some time before they employ them on permanent basis.An institution like KAA,which is mandated with managing airports in Kenya pay fresh graduates starting salary of Ksh 130,000 while senior managers earn up to Ksh 1.5 million.

KenGen also have nice perks.To get a job as an engineer at KenGen you will get at least Ksh 150,000..and when you accumulate some professional experience,you will earn more than Ksh 200,000.

The payslips from Kenya Power show that graduate engineer earn at least Ksh140,000 while experienced engineers with more than 3 years of professional experience go home with at least Ksh 200,000.The beauty of working here is that you are assured of perdiem when you are allocated duties into the field.

KRA is also a good employer since apart from the attractive salaries graduate trainees earn,there are bonuses paid annually when the institution meets the target.The starting salary of a graduate trainee who has completed training is Ksh 80,000 while a supervisor earns Ksh 160,000.A manager earns Ksh350,000.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is the best employer so far with starting salaries amounting to Ksh180,000.Managers take home at least Ksh 350,000 while the top leadership earn more than Ksh 1 million.This salary is same to NIS and Central Bank of Kenya.

In short if you are looking for a government job that you are sure of earning above Ksh 100,000,look no further than the institutions we have listed above.Thank you