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Man Hangs Himself in Eldoret over Wife’s Beating



There was pain and restlessness in Eldoret when residents discovered their dear neighbor hanging on a rope.

According to one of his neighbours, the deceased  complained on Sunday morning that his wife beats him again and again and he’s now tired of this world.He threatened to end his life soon if nothing will be done to make him comfortable.

On the fateful night he arrived home quietly and closed himself inside his bedroom.The following morning there was unusual silent in his house and when the neighbors went to confirm whether everything was okay they found him hanging on a rope.

After realizing that the neighbors were baying for his blood, the wife to the diseased went into hiding and police are looking for her.

Cases of domestic violence in Kenya are rampant and they cut across all tribes and social status.The government should initiate a process of educating the public on the importance of living in harmony and how to solve disputes peacefully instead of violence and suicide attempts.