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This is how Uhuru is Planning to Finish Ngilu and Kalonzo



Kalonzo and Ngilu have for a long time dominated Ukambani politics but their time to retire is up.Apparently Uhuru Kenyatta is on a mission which is meant to finish them politically ,this is how it goes.

The emergency of Alfred Mutua is not just a threat but a real threat.Since Uhuru ascended to power he has been empowering the Machakos governor day and night,of late he has been frequenting his backyard in a bid to convince the locals that this is your man,this is the guy who will lead you in future.As if that is not enough,Uhuru has gone further and fired one of his senior ministers,ngilu.Now Ngilu has no job and you won’t see her holding any¬† public office.

The president tried to convince Kalonzo to Join his team but he turned down the offer.When Uhuru realized that no language can convince the man of Tseikuro he gave up on him and the only option he had was to turn to Alfred Mutua.

The Machakos Governor has been given enough media coverage,he has been boosted financially and he now remains the sole threat to the duo.Since Uhuru has absolute trust in the man he will surely use him in 2017 to win the Eastern block and Uhuru is convinced Alfred will deliver.