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Shocking!Vera Sidika Spends Sh.2.4M a Night in Dubai



The most controversial Kenyan socialite,Vera Sidika,..,she makes news when she wants from bottom of her body to top and from midnight to dawn;hate her or love her ,she will always make news.

Last weekend, the queen of Kenyan socialite spent her time in Dubai and since she was loaded, she decided to reduce the weight of her purse in one of the most expensive hotels in the universe.Her friends were shocked when she coughed over Sh 2.4M in Armani Hotel which is located in downtown Dubai in the iconic 163 storey Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building

The luxurious hotel only allows celebrities and the who is who in the society,Vera was allowed in and she obvious enjoyed the night.

Vera is a big spender,she at one time spent Ksh 180,000 on Brazilian weave,which could otherwise cost Ksh 10,000 in Kenya.She has also spent heavily on her skin and body shape.