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Teacher Wanjiku is Pregnant



Teacher Wanjiku will afford a smile again after a long silence.Her show flopped at Citizen and it was a painful experience for her but now she is a happy woman.Rumor has it that she is full with a baby boy and in the next 5 months the world will welcome a new member.

Sources indicate that she is heavy with a baby boy,who is her first born.

Teacher Wanjiku started performing in the Kenya National Theatre in 2005.She is one of the oldest female comedians in the country.Her talent started making sense when Mwalimu Kingangi approached her.After having a short stint at Nation Media Group,she saw it fit to start her own show.

In Citizen TV,she was given a whole 30 minutes to showcase her talent,little did she know that she had a long way to go.Her show was dismissed after two episodes.