William Ruto Tell Raila to Blame Kalonzo for his 2013 Loss



William Ruto was in Raila’s turf on Sunday where he was invited for a fundraising in Bondo.Ruto who was warmly welcomed was in a jovial mood and even made the crowd laugh for the first time in decades.

During the ceremony, the Deputy President urged the people of Bondo to vote for him in 2022 ,arguing that since he supported Raila in 2007 he deserves to be supported too in the year 2022.

He further told the crowd ,who for the past few years were not so comfortable with him, that in 2013 it’s Uhuru who defeated Raila and not him, adding that he only defeated Kalonzo in that election.

The DP also warned Raila of choosing Kalonzo in 2017 because he might be defeated again hence becoming a perennial loser.