Starting Salary for Fresh Graduates in Kenya


Salaries for fresh graduates in Kenya vary based on individual company and sectors.Highest paid fresh graduates pocket starting salary of Ksh180,000 while lowest pocket Ksh25,000

It is usually difficult to know how much a certain company pays especially to fresh graduates.This is because most of our firms don’t reveal to the public their salary structure.Which is the reason why Venas News provides detailed salary structures of various companies in Kenya,particularly for fresh graduates.

Kenyan Colleges and Universities produce over 50,000 new graduates every year ,and since this group is new in the job market ,they are often faced with a challenge of determining their starting salaries once they are asked this question in the job interviews.But when they have a rough idea about the pay,the answer satisfies the panel.

While the salaries are not fixed, at least when you have a hint about the range at which you should negotiate, you will not be in a dilemma.

The following are starting salaries for fresh graduates in various companies in Kenya

Company                                        Job  Type                                                Salary (Ksh)
Cooperative Bank                      Graduate Clerk                                     45,000- 68,000
Direct Sales Representative                                                                 20,000-30,000
Safaricom                                   Graduate Trainee                              55,000-75,000
KCB                                      Direct Sales Representative                    20,000-25,000
Graduate Trainee                                                                                 35,000-60,000
NIC Bank                                       Trainee                                            55,000-68,000
KAA                                                 Fresh Graduate                            100,000-160,000
KCAA                                              Graduate Trainee                          75,000-130,000
United Nations                              Internship/Trainee                           60,000-190,000
UAP Insurance                               Graduate Trainee                               35,000-75,000
PWC                                                  Graduate Trainee                        80,000-120,000
KRA                                                   Graduate Trainee                        25,000-95,000
Deloitte                                              Fresh Graduate                         55,000-120,000
KPMG                                                Fresh Graduate                          75,000-120,000
Kenya Airways                                 Fresh Graduate                            50,000-120,000
Central Bank of Kenya                    Fresh Graduate                             80,000-200,000
Equity Bank                                       Fresh Graduate                         25,000-50,000
NSE                                                      Fresh Graduate                     100,000-180,000
Oxfam                                                  Fresh Graduate                      90,000-150,000
CARE Kenya                                       Fresh Graduate                         80,000-120,000
World Vision                                       Fresh Graduate                        75,000-130,000
USAID                                                   Fresh Graduate                   120,000-190,000
World Bank                                          Graduate Trainee                   120,000-200,000
AFDB                                                     Graduate Trainee                 120,000-180,000
KWS                                                       Fresh Graduate                    45,000-70,000
Ipsos Synovate                                     Fresh Graduate                     40,000-55,000
Airtel Kenya                  Fresh Graduate              (40,000-80,000) Permanent (150,000)
Barclays Bank                                       Fresh Graduate                        35,000-55,000
Direct Sales Representative                                                                 15,000-25,000
Standard Chartered Bank                   Graduate Trainee                      55,000-70,000
Sales                                                                                                  25,000-30,000
Chase Bank                                             Graduate Trainee                 35,000-55,000
Kenya County Governments                Fresh Graduates                      50,000-100,000
Kenyan SACCOs                                      Tellers/Cashiers                      30,000-50,000
Keny Ports Authority                              Fresh Graduate                          70,000-90,000
Kenya Banks                                             Tellers/Cashiers                     40,000-75,000
National Bank of Kenya                        Graduate Clerk/Fresh Graduate     45,000-55,000
Commercial Bank of Africa                     Fresh Graduate                         65,000-75,000
General Motors                                      Fresh Graduate                         55,000-70,000
Citizen TV                                              Fresh Graduates                       70,000-150,000


The salaries we have listed above are based on the research we regularly conduct and we do update the figures from time to time.

If you are invited for interview and you’re not sure about what the company is offering,quote what we have listed here.

Feel free to send details of your company salaries to [email protected]