I Don’t Know How to Cook Ugali-Lupita Nyong’o



Lupita Nyongo is a celebrity ,the daughter of a Professor and one of the most beautiful women in the world.She is in Kenya to save the elephants and during her tour she had a chance to speak with Larry Madowo and from the interview one could think she is not a Luo.

Lupita shocked everyone that she doesn’t know how to cook Ugali despite being a Kenyan.She added that she can easily mix Matoke and rice and call it Ugali.

During the interview,she agreed that she has been to Kenya on several occasions but did not have a chance to cook Ugali unlike her sister Zawadi Nyong’o who has spent most of her time with their mother.

Ugali is a stable food in Kenya and any Kenyan should know how to cook this wonderful meal.



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