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Laura Akunga Sued For Conning a Businessman


Laura Akunga shocked many when she surprised her husband with a Sh.10M car but before dust settles many details are emerging of her. Yesterday KRA raided her offices over claims of Tax evasion and today another story has emerged.

An Asian businessman has come out to claim that Mrs.Akunga fraudulently obtained Sh17.6M from him.
In a case filed at the Milimani Commercial Courts Sriram Bharatam of Iridium Interactive has sued Laura Akunga for fraudulently obtaining $17, 894 (Sh17.6 million) from him.

Mr Sriram argues that in 2013 Laura experienced financial difficulties, Family Bank wanted to recover a loan of Sh40million which she had guaranteed somebody, who had defaulted. Since the businessman was acquainted to her, he decided to lend her the aforementioned cash.

Laura did not pay the cash but she went again to the businessman and requested for a top up.She wanted to pay suppliers known as Granada Trading who had threatened to go to court.
When the businessman went to claim his money, Laura was not willing to return what belongs to the owner, which prompted him to go to court.