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How to Become Rich


Very few people in the Universe are born rich but majority of us struggle till we make it.When you begin to understand life, you realize that not everyone enjoy what others enjoy. The circumstances in which some people live in are self-inflicted but such people tend to blame the society for their misfortunes.To be rich,you must sacrifice some things in life and also invest time in important aspects.

If you don’t want to blame anyone in future, do the right thing by implementing the following ideas.

1. Drop friends who may lead you to poverty.
Friends play a very significant role in one’s life and, right from school to the village we confide in these people and  sometimes emulate what they do. While you treasure them, try to evaluate yourself and see whether you are moving in the right direction.

Good friends are those who come up with investment ideas, people who will warn you when you are headed the wrong direction, people who can uplift you financially when you are low and, finally ,the ones who can help you build an empire instead of helping you destroy what you have .

2. Reduce the time you spend in social places.
While keeping your body fit and sharing with friends is very essential in one’s emotional development, such activities can seriously impact negatively on your time. Sometimes they can lead to addiction such that you cannot do without playing pool, taking beer, and chatting with friends.

In order to create wealth, you have to sacrifice either your friends,your family,your hobbies or something which might lead you to time wasting.

3. Self-discipline
This is one short statement which is very common to rich people; poor people only used it while in school under strict conditions but the rich know the usefulness of this statement.

The surest route to success is self-discipline, don’t wait for instructions to do the right thing but do it at your own will and at the right time.

Self-discipline ranges from how you manage your time, how you relate with your neighbors and what you do during your free time.

Almost every poor person has a habit of waking up late when the boss is not on his neck, he has a habit of not learning the positive things neighbors are engaged in.Instead, a poor man will spend all his time gossiping about the neighbor and allowing negative thoughts dominate them.

If you want to succeed, never allow people to decide for you, decide what to do and don’t postpone. Let every minute count in your life and you will do wonders.

4. Don’t fear to try
So many of us have good ideas but implementing them often become an issue. The moment you read this, if you have any idea, even if it looks odd go home and implement it.Most of the businesses you see around started as a joke but they have created several jobs and fed many families.

Rich people share this characteristic; the moment a rich man identifies an idea he will implement it the following morning but as poor as you are you wait until your neighbor succeeds and that’s the time you start telling your friends how  your neighbor stole your idea,how you lack money to start business etc.

5. Save before you spend
How many of us implement this! One secret rich people don’t tell us is that before they decide to spend they save first and what remains is what will keep them going.In fact, every rich guy lives below their means, but what about us!

Poor people always live beyond their means. Immediately they earn their salary they go shopping, they treat their friends; they send money to their relatives and at the end, start borrowing from rich people (banks)

If you are salaried,make sure your rent does not exceed 15 % of the net pay, all your expenses must not exceed 50% of your net income. When you receive salary increment, do not change your lifestyle ,instead save what was added above your salary.

6. Diversify your investments
Rich people have several income streams due to investment diversification. When you put your money in more than one investment segment, you reduce the risk of losing your capital hence increasing chances of getting profits.

Rich people have more than one company and if one collapses at least they have another one to sustain themselves with. These people have mastered the art of business and they know that putting all eggs in one basket is extremely risky.


This is something common among rich people,they are always consistent in what they do.If you  have business and you intend to terribly fail then try to be inconsistent.Always treat your customers well without bias,opening and closing business should have specific time,make available your services at all time;ensure your are always predictable.


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