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This is what you didn’t know about Akothee



Akothee is not a n average Kenyan.She is a woman of means,one that is full of self esteem,adventurous,outgoing,rich and talented singer.

She got married at the age of 14 years and had three kids with a Kisii husband; he left her with the three kids and married another wife.

Akothee went through a lot, she was at one time a taxi driver and that’s how her life changed.A Mzungu husband liked her,took her contacts and later they got married.

They later divorced and Akothee was lucky to receive Ksh 80 million from thee Mzungu to build a house in Rongo.she was also given huge sums of money which is enough to feed her family in 30 years.

Akothee has two kids with the white man and she is rich and happy.

The popular singer has several businesses,among them a tour consultant firm,real estate company and a fleet of cars which provide taxi services.

She is currently married to a Swiss citizen ,and is expecting her sixth kid.