A relative Can Access MPESA money when one Dies Without Revealing Details


There are several ways of sending and receiving money in Kenya.You can send money through Equitel,Airtel Money,do transactions through Pesapal,Western Union or the most popular,M Pesa.

Almost every Kenyan use MPESA services due to its convenience and reliability. But since no one shares his/her MPESA pin, there have been a lot of questions regarding to how Safaricom deals with a case where someone dies and leaves huge amount of money with MPESA account.

Safaricom has now come out to explain what happens in case of such circumstances. According to Safaricom, the funds held in MPESA account can be transferred to the next of kin when one dies.
In order to be granted permission to access the deceased account you need to produce copies of the death certificate, ID of the next of kin and grant of probate. These conditions apply to accounts with more than Sh.30, 000.

For accounts with less than Sh.30, 000 one needs to produce and Affidavit administered by the Commissioner of Oaths and sworn by the claimant, death certificate, a letter from the provincial administration of the deceased’s area of residence or letters of administration and the next of kin’s ID and copy to be retained.

After presenting the required documents, an individual is granted permission to access the deceased account details and transact any amount he wishes.