Higest Paid Presidents in Africa:Salaries for African presidents


African presidents earn better than any public servant in their respective countries.The salaries,however,vary across countries with Cameroonian president earning the highest salary.

The Africa Review has compiled and analyzed salaries of African leaders to try and see what they tell about the relationship between those in power and their subjects.

In Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto last year announced a voluntary 20 per cent salary cut and invited other top government officials to follow suit. A few did, reluctantly.

In Tunisia, former President Moncef Marzouki, then facing an economic crisis in the post-revolution period, announced a two-thirds pay cut, slicing his annual pay from around $176,868 (Ksh 17m) to ‘just’ $58,956 (Ksh5.8m).

Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari recently announced that he will take a voluntary salary pay cut, which is a good gesture.

When most African leaders get into power, the first thing they do is to increase their salaries. Among the leaders who have done so include King Mswati of Swaziland, King Mohammed VI of Morocco and President Eduardo dos Santos of Angola

African presidents are among the highest paid presidents in the World despite the continent being ranked the poorest.

Below is a brief summary of African Presidents salaries:

Country              Net pay per year ($)
Cameroon                 600,000
Morocco                    460,000
South Africa             272,000
Tanzania                   192,000
Algeria                       164,000
Equatorial Guinea   150,000
Kenya                        132,000

Comoros:                   115,000

Congo Republic        110,000

Namibia                     110,000

Zimbabwe                  100,000

Mauritius                    104,558

Cote D’Ivoire              100,000

Liberia                          90,000

Rwanda                        85,000

Angola                          81,075

Ghana                           76,000

Malawi                          75,543

Egypt                            72,000

Nigeria                         70,000

Mali                              69,609

Botswana                     66,713

Gabon                           65,000

Zambia                          56,000

Dr.Congo                       52,797



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