William Ruto Greeting Obama at State House Nairobi (photos)



Deputy President William Ruto has a case at the ICC and there were speculations that he could not meet US President Barack Obama face to face.

However,the US President Barack Obama did not ignore the Deputy President as expected.He took time off his busy schedule to greet and have a chat with Kenya’s second in command.

On Saturday ,Ruto indeed greeted Obama and shared lengthy conversation with him at State House Nairobi before Obama addressed Journalists.


The two leaders met during the bilateral talks between America and Kenya at State House Nairobi,where Obama was seen whispering at him as Uhuru looks on alongside Foreign Affairs Minister Amina Mohammed.

The greetings ended a long debate on Whether Ruto would get close to the important visitor or he could just be sidelined and left with untold embarrassment.


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