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Hotel Pastor Maina Nganga Owns


Maina Nganga killed a woman on Sunday with his Range Rover,under the influence of alcohol, but he has been defended by Inspector General Joseph Boinett.

Few Kenyans know that the likes of Nganga are rich but those close to him will tell you that the preacher is not an ordinary Kenyan.


This hotel is located in Naivasha and is estimated to be worth over Sh.100,000,000.He reportedly built it in 2012 after collecting tithes for some years.

The three star hotel can accommodate over 300 people and is designed to offer conference facilities,guest rooms,catering services and meals to many visitors who troop to the famous town.



This week ,several photos emerged showing part of his vast wealth.For a man who doesn’t have other work to do apart from preaching,many would wonder where the money came from to built such a classic hotel.

As the drama continue,many things will unfold,which will expose the pastor badly to the extent of forcing him to seek refuge elsewhere.