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Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Range Rover(photos)


Who said preachers should be humble like Jesus!Only last week Neno Evangelism church Pastor Maina Nganga killed an innocent woman with his Range Rover,it has now been revealed that the so called pastors are doing business with your money.


Photos have emerged of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s brand new Range Rover which costs over Ksh 16 million.The car  has always been spotted  at the Bishop’s church in Naiobi especially when she is preaching.

Very few people can afford a Range rover in Kenya,in fact only 1  percent of Kenyans own a Range Rover,with a majority owning old Range Rover cars.


It’s reported that Bishop Margaret Wanjiru collects over Ksh 200,000 in her church every Sunday,sometimes she conducts church services daily and the congregation is expected to give tithes whether they are rich or not.

Preaching in Kenya has become a lucrative business,with Pastors like Allan Kiuna building houses worth Ksh 120 million and affording expensive trips and holidays abroad.