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I Have Been Sacked and Desperate for a job,what Can I Do?


A question comes:”I have been sacked and I am now desperate for a job,what can I do?”
There is nothing good like securing your first job, but the saddest thing is losing a job that has always provided a source of living.

Getting fired is normal and you are not the first one, but moving on is the challenge to most people especially if they loved their previous employer and duties.

In order to move on peacefully ,you should first identify what can make you going as you source for another task.

1. Cut on your expenses
This is the most important thing to do in case you are fired. You should seriously cut on your expenses in order to survive for long without a job.

If you used to live in a house where you were paying $500 per month,you should consider relocating to a house that you will pay, say $200.Also,if you had a vehicle which you were for work then consider selling the car and invest the money wisely.

You should also reduce the number of luxuries you were engaging in and divert the money to business.

2. Start a small business
Starting a small business will help you pay some of your bills and also reduce stress because you will not be idle.

Never be selective because you are desperate anyway. And for your information most successful businesses started out of desperation.

3. Search for another opportunity
If your skills are good and you possess the required experience start searching for new opportunities and you will surely get one.

You can send your resume to consultant firms as well as link with friends and relatives who are in a position to help you.

4. Accept that you are jobless
Most people go into depression because of losing a job. This is mostly because they live in denial.

Accepting your situation will greatly boost your self-esteem and enable you start a new life. Nothing important in life like accepting the situation you are in.