How to make Profits in Business


every entrepreneur will tell you they are allergic to loses.Nobody starts a business to make losses,but to post profits.There are so many secrets of making profits that most business persons are not armed with.Such secrets are possessed by entrepreneurs who have made it in life.

Making profits means travelling a journey towards wealth and financial freedom,which is why you should follow the following rules:

1. Don’t mix friendship with business
In order to make profits, the owner of a business should separate friendship with business; this is the only way you can ensure that your business survives.

Remember some friends are not happy that you are running the business; some of them may be on a mission to finish you so that you can fall to their standard.

Your mind should always focus on business…even if it means losing a friend so as to make profits.

2. Be consistent
In business, being predictable is what your customer expects from you. If you are running a restaurant ensure that the food you provide today is the same food you provide tomorrow and in future. You are allowed to add stock but don’t make a mistake of not preparing a meal that was available yesterday unless no one is ordering it.

Always ensure that opening and closing hours of your business is known to customers regardless of circumstances. If you fail to open today, your customer will move to the next shop and if they find the product is the same as yours then you are likely to lose him.

3. Have the right staff
Having the right staff is the key ingredient of a successful business. This group will either chase away customers or build an empire for you.

Whenever you are seeking staff, conduct the exercise professionally; mixing bribery, nepotism and tribalism may not help you.

It has been proved that most businesses are killed by relatives and people you think they can help you. It’s good to hire someone you are not related because.If you do this,you will have all the courage to question him on issues related to the business than a friend or relative.

The right staffs always know if they mess up your business ,they will face the full force of law and no one will interfere, but in most cases if your relatives messes, your community might interfere thus affecting your business.

4. Monitor every coin that comes from the business
Business is all about profits unless you are running a traditional church. In order to make a profit you must monitor every $ that comes from the business.

Every day ensure that stock count is done then ensure that your employees explain each and every detail of the transactions. You may not be physically there but you can have efficient systems to monitor the business.

5. Motivate your employees
This is where most business owners go wrong and it has resulted to many businesses collapsing.

Once you start treating all employees as thieves, you give them little time to rest, you don’t motivate them with awards, leave, end year party then know that they will gang against you and kill your business.

Employees can be dangerous and the earlier you realize that they are important the better, otherwise you will regret!

Invest in your employees, give them good salaries and make them feel part of the company, that’s the only way you can see results.

6. Don’t focus on competitors, focus on the product
Every business has competitors and if you want to beat the competitors don’t concentrate on what they are doing but concentrate on the quality of the products and services you are offering.

If you focus more on competitors you will lose direction and mess up your business.

7.Employ strategy

Strategy is important aspect of running a successful business.Without strategy,you will not beat competitors.

8.Sell unique products

Being unique means standing out.It might take time to break even but once you have entered the market and people have tested your product,you will make it.

9.Know the taste of your customers

Business is all about what customers want.Once you have identified the taste of customers,your business will boom.