Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter Ministries also killed a pedestrian


Following the allegations that Pastor James Maina Nganga of Neno Evangelism Centre killed Mercy Njeri due to his reckless driving, another man of God, Bishop Thomas Wahome has also admitted that he killed a pedestrian in Othaya.

Thomas Wahome killed Godfery Mwaniki on June 24 while driving his Range Rover car in Kihuri Village, Othaya, Nyeri County.

Investigations from the police indicate that indeed the Bishop killed the pedestrian but Wahome defended himself by claiming that the pedestrian was drunk, contrary to the eye witnesses’ statement that he was overspending.

However, Mwaniki’s family decided to drop the case after the Bishop pleaded with them to allow him settle the matter out of court.

In 2011, Bishop Wahome’s wife Ms Leah Kasyoka Mueni went to court demanding the man of God to pay her Sh.300, 000 monthly for  upkeep and provide for their three children.

This was after the Bishop divorced her and married Berita under Kikuyu customary law.The Bishop refused to pay the amount and instead requested the court to allow him pay Sh.5, 000 despite earning  a monthly salary of Sh.500,000 .


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