See Photo of the Ksh 100 million House Singer Akothee Has Built in Rongo


Akothee is believed to be the richest musician in Kenya,her wealth can match that of a veteran Kenyan politician.

The mother of 5 has proved that human beings may not necessarily determine your destiny; the house below is enough proof!


Akothee built the house through the money she obtained from her mzungu husband.The house costed her Ksh 80 million.The mother of 5 has 3 husbands and has divorced three times.

She started as a Limpompo dancer in Mombasa where she met her husband.They moved abroad where they officially got married.After a couple of years,Akothee filed for divorce.She earned over Ksh 100 million through the divorce.

The house,as you can see it,has a swimming pool and it rests on 2 acre piece of land.

Akothee is the richest musician in Kenya with a net worth of Ksh 1.5 million



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