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5. Most Difficult Job Interview Questions and Answers


What are your weaknesses?
The panel wants to know the negative side of you, but as a clever interviewee you can use this chance to explain your weaknesses in a positive way.

You can say, ‘I often become restless when I commit to perform a duty and I don’t meet the target’

What is your salary expectation?
This is one of the most difficult questions in any job interview as it may require a specific answer from the candidate.

You can ask the employer to give a salary range; if they fail to give the details then you should quote a range which is slightly above your current salary

Where do you see yourself in five years?
This question is intended to see whether you have ambitions as well as test whether you will be committed to the company.

Try to explain about furthering education and how best you will contribute towards the growth of the company.

What do you hate about your current employer?
The employer is testing your attitude and if you fall into his trap, you should forget about the job.

Never say anything negative about your current employer, instead say you wish to be more challenged professionally.

Why should we hire you?
You need to show that you are the best person for the job. Be realistic and explain to them the special skills you possess that you think other candidates lack.