Shocking! You Must pay HELB Ksh 1000 for Compliance Certificate even if You are Not a Beneficiary


HELB has come up with a rule that require any Kenyan who is seeking a Compliance Certificate to part with Ksh 1000 before they are issued with the Compliance Certificate.

Once you check into HELB offices, they will give you a form to fill, and then submit the form together with high school examination certificate, university or college transcripts and graduation certificate, a copy of national ID and employer appointment letter.

At the same time, you will be issued with HELB Bank Account Details where you will deposit Ksh 1000 before you are issued with a certificate.

This procedure does not discriminate against anyone; even if you have not benefited from the loan, you must part with the mandatory Ksh 1000.

To add salt into injury, you must renew the Compliance Certificate yearly where you are also required to pay renewal fee of Ksh1000.