This is How ICC Plans to Finish DP William Ruto


On Wednesday, the International Criminal court trial judges allowed the prosecution to use prior evidence presented by hostile witnesses in Ruto’s case.

However, the Appeals Chamber was satisfied with Uhuru’s co-operation with the International Criminal Court, thus weakening the case further.

ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had earlier claimed that the Kenyan government failed to comply with a request to produce financial and other records relating to Uhuru, but the court did not see the argument relevant thus dismissing it.

A decision delivered by Presiding Judge Silvia Fernadez de Gurmendi, the chamber granted only one of the two requests made by Bensouda in her appeal against the trial chamber’s failure to refer Kenya to the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) over alleged non-cooperation.

Since the appeals chamber referred the matter back to the trial chamber for re-consideration, there are high chances that Uhuru’s case will be terminated and his file closed, but Ruto’s case seems to be putting a heavy baggage in his heart.

Several witnesses presented their evidence in court against Ruto but some of them were considered hostile, but the latest development from the ICC will make the Deputy President go back to the drawing board, otherwise ICC might find him guilt.