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Best Masters Specialization to Study between MBA and MSC Finance in the world


Sometimes it’s hard to determine which between MBA and MSC Finance is the best,considering both are suitable for business graduates.But it’s in order to realize that MSC Finance and MBA are suitable for particular group of professionals.

Masters of Business Administration is the most preferred Masters course for business professionals in the entire world. Most professionals prefer enrolling for the course because it exposes them to the world of strategic management ,accounting and business administration.MBA is an easy course,you can comfortably cover most of the units within the course without encountering hard analytic topics,which is not the case for MSC Finance.

Msc Finance on the other hand is equally competitive and highly preferred by professionals working in the investment environment.

The two courses go hand in hand and sometimes the units covered have some similarities though Msc Finance is more analytical.

MBA is best studied by people in the Human Resource environment, company managers and even Engineers.

When pursuing MBA you are allowed to specialize in Strategic Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources.

The following are professionals who are the most suitable to study MBA:
• Human Resources
• Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom)
• Education
• Marketing
• Economics
• Medicine & Nursing
• Accounting

  • Law

Msc Finance is good for people who work in stock market, Stock brokers, Investment Banks and Insurance Companies.

The most suitable professionals for the course include:
• Engineers
• Economists
• Statisticians
• Actuaries
• Fund Managers
• Auditors
• Investment Advisors
• Data Analysts
• Underwriters
• Bachelor of Commerce Graduates
• Bachelor of Science Graduates
• Lecturers
• Accountants
Msc Finance allows one to specialize in Finance and Investment, Finance and Accounting and Finance and Actuarial Science.

The program is very ideal for people who are good in Mathematics and statistics; if you are not good in Mathematics then MBA is ideal for you.

If you also intend to pursue Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program then you better enroll for Msc Finance because most of the things you study in class are related to the ones you’ll be tested in CFA.

If you have done CPA then MBA is good for you but you have an option to study Msc Finance.

If you are jobless then you better enroll for Msc Finance because it’s more marketable for people who intend to start their career.Pursuing MBA when you are unemployed may not add value to you unless you intend to start from junior level.