William Ruto and Isaac Ruto Almost Fight in Bomet


Deputy President William Ruto and Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto almost went physical at a fundraising in Bomet.

Trouble started when Isaac Ruto started accusing the Deputy President of sending junior politicians in Jubilee Coalition to Bomet County to sabotage his work.

Before completing his speech, a group of youths started shouting and singing William Ruto’s name, which embarrassed the Governor. When he realized that he could not control the crowd, he threatened to end the meeting.

Police moved swiftly to cool the charged crowd where they told them to respect the presence of the Deputy President.

When the Deputy President’s turn to give a speech came, he lamented that Isaac Ruto is a small person who should not threaten to end a meeting in his presence. He also accused Isaac Ruto of disrespect, adding that he has realized that people of Bomet have decided on whom to replace the embattled Governor during 2017 elections.

Cecily Mbarire was not spared either,when she stood to speak the crowd booed her for several minutes until the security intervened.

Ferdinand Watitu calmly gave his speech with no interruption from the crowd:it seems he commands some respect.The Kabete legislature urged DP William Ruto to concentrate on National politics and avoid village politics.

The Deputy President and URP have proposed Sotik MP Joyce Laboso’s name for Bomet Governor Seat. Whether she will succeed or not in unseating the Governor, God knows.


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