6 Signs that you are about to be fired.


It reaches a point where the institution does not care losing you even if you used to be an asset to them. That is the moment you should start packing.

The following are signs that you are about to be fired by your employer:

There are many signs that your employer is about fire you.

When the boss starts assigning your junior responsibilities meant for you.

If you realize that your boss is concentrating on your junior more than you in terms of assigning duties then be sure you are going out.

If you are told to train your junior or a new employee

The moment you are told to train your junior to perform the same roles as your then you’ll be stupid not to read between the lines.

Unless the company is expanding, there is no way roles can be replicated. The more you stay the more you become irrelevant because the new employee will eventually replace you.

If the boss’ attitude towards you changes

The boss used to smile at you but with time he started even ignoring you even when you greet him. This is an obvious sign that if the boss gets a slightest opportunity to replace you he will do so as fast as he blinks.

If you are left out when making critical decisions

You used to be invited for meetings where critical decisions like hiring new employees and company strategies are made but of late you are ignored; this is a clear indication that you are useless to the firm.

When the company starts treating you as a suspect

If your company never trusts you with their property like computers and bank accounts, then you are about to go. Before you are fired, please fire yourself!

If your Salary is reduced/frozen

The moment you see a company reducing your salary then it’s either it’s collapsing or they want to frustrate you so that you can quit.

Never wait until you are told to go if such a scenario occurs; start looking for another job


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