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This is Why DP William Ruto is Growing Thin and Weak each Day


William Ruto joined politics in 1992 during the Moi era, a time when you could not badmouth Moi even in your dreams. During that time Ruto was young and shy, you could also not separate him with God’s word and the Bible.

In 2002, he sank in a political dust bin with the current President Uhuru Kenyatta,where they were mercilessly defeated by the former President Mwai Kibaki.

Come 2007, he started understanding the political dynamics of the country; he could easily identify which tribe to join in order to eat the national cake. He was among the few politicians who made Raila Odinga the Prime Minister through a political deal which ended the bloody 2007-2008 post-election violence.

After Raila tested power, he chased Ruto from the Government like a dog.Ruto was at that time the Agriculture Minister, the best performing ministry; their marriage ended, up to date the two don’t share a plate.

In 2013, a bitter Ruto joined hands with Uhuru Kenyatta to defeat a common enemy; Raila Odinga.The marriage between the two was given 100 percent rating as many analysts saw a future in it; until now they are together.

Raila was embarrassed in the ballot, he rushed to the Court of Appeal to contest the loss but he was stopped by Mutunga Saturday morning.

The major reason why Uhuru and Ruto won the election is to defeat the ICC and embarrass Raila.The two have fought a good fight and Uhuru has won but Ruto’s case is still going strong.

Though he helped Uhuru in defeating Raila,there is one nagging thing that’s giving Ruto sleepless nights; the ICC ,if he gets someone who can help him defeat it ,he’ll sell even his most valued assets.

It has now emerged that Ruto has been left to fight the ICC war alone, not even TNA is bothered to help him. The only chorus you will perhaps hear is,’tujitoe ICC”, If they try to disassociate themselves from the Rome Statute, they will put Ruto in trouble; and if I may ask a question, did President Uhuru Kenyatta refuse to attend ICC sessions?

Why are some politicians advising Ruto to skip the sessions, do they want him to be jailed?

We know Ruto is a strong man but being left with Joshua Sang in a field where originally six players were seriously engaged make him sad, thin and weak.

He has been left alone, that’s a fact but if God is on his side then he’ll have the last smile.