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Best Business to Start in Mombasa


There are over 30 businesses you can start in Mombasa.Being a tourist destination,you would expect business to boom,and that’s the case for people who have ventured into profitable business.

Starting business in Mombasa is not hard because rental prices are cheaper than Nairobi.The best business to start in Mombasa include hotels and restaurants,selling clean water,selling women clothes and hand bags,selling swimming costumes and wines and spirits business.You can start business in Mombasa town,Malindi,Mtwapa,Likoni,Bamburi or Lamu

1. Hotel/Restaurant
Mombasa is a town where most people like having good times through relaxing, swimming and having the best meals.

The town is mostly visited by tourists, both locals and foreigners, and these people carry a lot of cash to spend.

The best business to start in Mombasa definitely is hotel or restaurant; you will not lack people to eat at your place.

Mombasa is one of the few towns in Kenya where starting any kind of business is not hard, the county government has made it easier for anyone to start and operate a business in the town.

2. Bar
Most pubs in Mombasa operate 24 hours, thanks to the many tourists the city receive each day.

We have interviewed several bar owners in the region and they publicly confess that the business is very profitable. Some of them even quit their jobs to concentrate on their businesses.

There is no single hour you will miss a customer visiting your bar, whether at night or during the day.

3. Beauty &Cosmetics Shop
Mombasa residents love beauty so having a cosmetics shop will be a very good enterprise.

Cosmetics shop will work for you very well especially if you open it in congested areas like Mtwapa, Kisauni and Likoni.

4. Salon
Starting a Salon is not hard in Mombasa since rent for houses are affordable as compared to towns like Kisumu and Nairobi.

The capital required to start a salon cannot exceed Ksh 100,000 unless you are opening a very executive salon in posh areas like Nyali.

5. Boutique
If you have access to Eastleigh Nairobi then, rush to Mombasa and open a boutique immediately you read this.

The business is not fully exploited at the Coast ,and the few who operate boutique business are a lucky lot.

6. Selling Clean Water
Water in Mombasa is mostly salty and very few have access to clean water. If you can manage to have a vehicle to transport water within the town and estates ,then you’ll reap big.

7. Operating M-Pesa Shop
This is another business you can try at the coast because money in circulation in the city is high.

Starting M-Pesa business requires one to have at least Ksh 50,000 for a float and additional Ksh 20,000 for setting up the business.

With this business,you will be assured of making at least Ksh 1,000 per day.

8.Matatu Business

Matatu business in Mombasa is a very good business since competition is not high as compared to Nairobi.

The town is also secure;your matatu can operate 24 hours without having incidences of insecurity.


Mombasa residents like eating meat-it’s a fact. Owning a butchery will be ideal business in the town especially when you have little capital.

In Mtwapa,for instance,the 24-hour-economy is the norm,which is why I advice you to consider setting up the business in the town.

Selling swimming costumes

This is definitely one of the best business to start in Mombasa,especially near beaches and hotels.You can make up to Ksh 3,000 daily from this business especially during high season.

Bodaboda business

No argument about this.We have done enough research to conclude that the business will not cease to be profitable any time soon.