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Basic Salaries of Diploma Graduates in Kenya


Salaries for diploma holders in Kenya are largely determined by the demand of professionals in a profession and the supply of such people in the job market.In general,the average salary of diploma holders in Kenya is Ksh 30,000.

The number of Diploma Graduates in Kenya is soaring each day with many opting to venture into business due to lack of employment.

In the last decade, there were countable Degree holders in the country ,and majority of them were diploma holders, but when former President Mwai Kibaki liberalized education sector in Kenya, many people enrolled for higher education thus endangering Diploma holders.

Though most employers in Kenya prefer degree holders, a good number of them still believe that Diploma holders can work as better as Degree holders. They therefore, give these graduates a chance to prove themselves.

There are also jobs which are strictly reserved for Diploma holders, such jobs include: Front Office, Nursing, Hotel and Hospitality and primary school teacher.

From our study we have come up with average salaries of Diploma holders in Kenya:

Job                                         Average Salary(Ksh per month)

Teachers                                    10,000-25,000

Customer Care Officer                 25,000-40,000

Front Office/Receptionist              15,000-30,000

NGO workers                             40,000-60,000

Government Parastatal                25,000-50,000

Public Service Commission           22,000-45,000

Sales Representative                   15,000-40,000

Human Resources Assistant         25,000-50,000

Accounts Assistant                      20,000-45,000

Procurement Officer                    25,000-50,000

Public Relations Officer               30,000-60,000

Nurse                                       20,000-50,000

Electrical Technician                   30,000-60,000

Quantity Surveyor                       35,000-70,000

Cashier                                      15,000-25,000

Waiter                                        15,000-30,000

Data Entry                                   15,000-30,000

Chef                                           25,000-50,000

Drivers                                        25,000-50,000

IT Technicians                               25,000-70,000

Supermarket Attendants                18,000- 35,000

If you meet any diploma holder in Kenya in those careers,they will quote the figures we have listed above.What shocks me most is that over 30 % of diploma holders in Kenya earn less than Ksh 20,000 per month.

The ideal salary for a diploma holder is Ksh 30,000-Ksh 40,000,which is regarded as enough for somebody with a family and one who wants to invest. Ksh 20,000 is not enough to spend and save.With this salary,the country will not have investors but people who are living from hand to mouth.