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Fatou Bensouda Terminates William Ruto and Joshua Sang Cases


william Ruto

ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has officially terminated Deputy President William Ruto and Journalist Joshua sang cases.

The prosecutor applied to ICC judges to be allowed to terminate the cases citing lack of sufficient evidence. She also argued that the case was too weak to be continued

In August, Bensouda was allowed by ICC Judges to admit evidence from witnesses previously deemed hostile. The case seemed not to hold weight since more than 15 witnessed had earlier testified at the court and later recanted their evidence.

Terminating William Ruto’s case is a relief for the Deputy President William Ruto,who has  been having several sleepless nights .

It’s now obvious the name Kenya will not feature at the ICC since all the 2007-2008 post-election violence suspects have been cleared by the international Criminal court.

What termination of the case means for Kenyan politics?

From my observation,Uhuru now needs Ruto more than the Deputy President needs him.Remember the main reason why Ruto has never shown signs of leaving Uhuru is because he knows most of the witnesses were drawn from central Kenya.

One good thing about Ruto is that he is a loyal deputy and at no time  would he threaten to quit Jubilee Party.Though he is sure Mount Kenya wont vote for him in 2022,he believes Raila won’t be the President even if he joins his party.He therefore better stick to Uhuru and eat half the bread than join Raila who is expected to lose the 2017 elections.

One thing Ruto knows is that Raila’s supporters are hostile towards any candidate from Mount Kenya region.He knows it would be easier for him to mend fences with Raila after 2017 elections more than any candidate from Mount Kenya would do.