Johnstone Muthama’s Uhuru Park Speech may Send him to Jail


johnson muthama
Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama attended Wednesday rally which was organized by the CORD coalition at Uhuru Park. The rally was meant to put pressure on Uhuru’s government to pay teachers the contested salary increment.

During the rally, Muthama made serious allegations which might send him to jail if President Uhuru Kenyatta decides to sue the outspoken Senator.Muthama,who, who appeared sober, accused the President of not firing Devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru despite the former Ministry of Finance employee being mentioned in NYS scandals. The Senator claimed that the main reason why Uhuru cannot fire her is because she has honey which is added with sugar; Uhuru likes it.

On Thursday, Jubilee legislatures led by Uhuru’s cousin Beth Mugo and Dennis Waweru requested the Director of Public Prosecution to take action on the Senator for disrespecting the head of state. They also requested Ms. Waiguru to sue the Senator for using offensive language in a public forum.

Mr Keriako Tobiko has formed a committee within his office to look into the matter and if the case proceeds to court the Senator could be forced to sleep in jail for some time.However,he is loaded,in fact he is the richest Kamba Politician;his money will definitely save him the embarrassment.

Despite threats from the Jubilee politicians, the Senator has maintained that what he said at Uhuru Park was gospel truth. He dared anyone to sue him; he will spill the beans.

The Senator has many wars to fight,including Machakos where Governor Alfred Mutua is giving him and Kalonzo Musyoka sleepless nights.They have engaged each other before,until Muthama surrendered.