Salaries of Senior Government Officials in Kenya


Kenyan Government officials are among the highest paid civil servants in the world; they even earn more than some of the most developed countries like Britain, UK and Japan.

Though the Salaries and Renumeration Commission was formed to harmonize salaries for civil servants, there is still a huge gap between the top government officials and the average civil servant.

For instance, President Uhuru Kenyatta draws a monthly salary of Sh 1,750,000 followed by Deputy President William Ruto who earns Sh 1,487,500

The following is a detailed list of what top government officials earn per month:

Monthly Salary(Ksh)

President                                                  1,750,000

Deputy President                                    1,487,500

Speaker of the National Assembly       1,400,000

Chief Justice                                             1,380,351

Speaker of the Senate                              1,375,439

Cabinet Secretary                                     1,120,000

Chief of Defence Forces                           1,120,000

County Governor                                       1,111,673

Deputy Speaker of the Senate                 1,107,509

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 1,107,509

Deputy Chief Justice                                  1,099,182

Attorney General                                         1,095,019

Auditor General                                           1,082,528

Judge of the Supreme Court                      1,082,528

Chairman,IEBC                                             1,082,528

Chairman,CIC                                                1,082,528

Secretary to the Cabinet                               927,500

Vice Chief of the Defence Forces                927,500

County Governor                                           1,111,673

Commander,Kenya Army                             923,919

Inspector General Police Service                 920,338

Judge of the Court of Appeal                        920,338

Director General (NIS)                                   916,757

Principal Secretary                                          909,595

Commander Kenya Airforce                          906,014

Commander Kenya Navy                                902,432

Director of Public Prosecution                      902,432

Controller of Budget                                        895,270

Vice Chair,CIC                                                  895,270

Vice Chair,IEBC                                               895,270

Chair,Teachers Service Commission           750,000

Member of National Assembly (MP)           740,927

Member of the Senate(Senator)                   740,927

Deputy Governor                                             728,831

Member of County Assembly (MCA)           157,574

Speaker County Assembly                              283,500




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