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Best Paying Government Institutions in Kenya



There has been a debate on how much government institutions should pay their workers. Due to inequalities in salaries for government employees, Salaries and Renumeration Commission was put in place to look into the matter.

Despite efforts by the commission to harmonize salaries, there still exists a huge gap which is attributed to the sensitivity of the jobs some officers within the government do or the salary structure set within government institutions.

The following are the best paying government institutions in Kenya

1. National Intelligence Service
2. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
3. State House Kenya
4. Judicial Service Commission
5. Parliamentary Service Commission
6. Kenya Airways
7. Central Bank of Kenya
8. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
9. Communication Authority of Kenya
10. NSSF
11. NHIF
12. Higher Education Loans Board
13. Kenya Airports Authority
14. Insurance Regulatory Authority
15. Nairobi Securities Exchange
16. Retirement Benefits Authority
17. Kenya Counties
18. Kenya National Highways Authority
19. Capital Markets Authority