US Congress Speaker John Boehner Resigns


john boehner
On Friday, Ohio Republican John Boehner officially resigned as the speaker of the US Congress, a move that will spark succession disputes.

Boehner has served as the Speaker of the House since 2011 and on Friday, he surprised colleagues with the news in a closed door meeting with members of the congress. During the meeting, he stated that he would relinquish his position at the end of October.

It’s not clear who would succeed him but House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy is the man likely to take over due to his popularity at the house. However, during his press conference on Friday afternoon, Boehner endorsed McCarthy.

“I am not going to be here to vote on the next Speaker. But that’s up to the next members. But having said that, I think that Kevin McCarthy would make an excellent Speaker,” Boehner said


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