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Why School Drop outs are more successful than university graduates


School dropouts and semi-iliterate people tend to be more successful than university graduates.There are several underlying reasons wh,degree holders,perceived to be more intelligent,don’t make it in life.

Early 1990,there were countable graduates in Kenya, with a number of them graduating from prestigious universities abroad, University of Nairobi or from one of the oldest Universities in Africa ,Makerere University.

By the time a student approached graduation, companies had already identified them for lucrative jobs. During graduation day you could get several companies in graduation field begging graduates to work for them and get paid any salary they wanted. This was when Kenya was Kenya.

In those days, when a boy was admitted to a University or college everyone in the village could know; he would receive several congratulatory messages from the entire village and several goats could lose lives.

Twenty years down the line Kenya has over 40 Universities and over 1000 middle level colleges. Over 50,000 students graduate each year with Undergraduate degrees while over 200,000 students graduate with Diploma courses.

It has reached a moment where no one cares whether you are a graduate or not, in fact if you try to brag that you have a degree in Commerce, everyone will look at you sarcastically; they will even spit at you.

We interact with graduates and most of them confess that even securing Internship in Kenya is not a joke; you have to beg several people within an institution where others demand for bribes. Several companies complain that when they advertise for a job vacancy, they receive more than 10,000 applications within the first week. This year, Kenya Revenue Authority advertised for Graduate Trainee positions and reliable sources told us that more than 100,000 Kenyans sent applications.

We are living in a time where education may not help you. As a Kenyan who is focusing beyond office desk you must think of a business venture. To start a business in Kenya is not as hard as looking for a job but our graduates are so full of themselves that they won’t even think of any small venture to push them for some years. You often find most of them in towns walking aimlessly as they drop CVs for non-existing jobs, instead of finding something useful to do.

The unemployment rate has crossed the 50 percent mark due to lazy graduates whose only minds are focusing on being employed. If some of them could think of utilizing their skills to venture into agriculture, start consulting firms or venture into small businesses outside Nairobi, the country could not be in a crisis.

Starting an MPESA shop requires a capital of not more than Ksh 200,000 but for a graduate, it’s better to live in Kasarani where she pays a monthly rent of Ksh 8,000 than start a business which is considered for illiterate people.

The reason why the D materials will employ the A materials is because graduates are too choosy, they don’t want to do business which illiterate people do.