How to Start Electronics Shop in Nairobi, Kenya


Electronics shop in Kenya involves selling smartphones like iPhones.LG,Infinix,HTC,Sony and Nokia.You can also sell TV Flat screens,radios,woofers,DVD Players and Cameras.

1. The business of running electronics shop is ideal for someone who is in major towns like Nairobi,Mombasa,Nakuru,Kisumu,Kericho,Busia,Kisii,Eldoret,Thika and Nyeri.

2. Electronics shop in Kenya requires a capital of at least Ksh 500, 000, but it can go up to Ksh 5 million if the room is big and you intend to sell a variety of electronic items.

3. Before you decide to open make sure you study the area to know the economic status of the people around that region. Electronic Shop business is tricky because people don’t buy these items regularly, so it’s good to set up the business in an area where there is a huge number of middle income earners so as to realize profits.

4. Look for a room where to set up the business; it must be secure in order to protect you from cases of burglary.

5. Then identify a supplier. One of the suppliers is located at Luthuli Avenue Nairobi, their products are cheap.

6. Decide on which products to sell. Please don’t go for expensive phones and home theatre.It’s good to start with cheap phones, say one costing Ksh 1,500 because they move faster than the smart phones.

7. In your electronic shop ensure you have head phones,Phone covers, Phones, phone chargers and other products which are required in the market.

8. Once you have set up a business, go for a license and a receipt book. Cost of license varies from one county to the other.


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