T Africa from Tanzania Wins Sakata Mashariki Season 6


t africa
Popular entertainment show Sakata Mashariki season 6 ,which is aired on Citizen TV at 8PM ,came to an end on Sunday with T Africa from Tanzania taking home Ksh 1 million.

The show which had representatives from all East African countries saw IDU from Uganda taking the runners up position with Shakers from Kenya taking position. The runners ups took home Ksh 300,000 while the IDU were awarded Ksh 200,000.

T-Africa is a dance group from Temeke, Dar es Salaam who have been in the industry for more than 4 years with the aim of reaching for greatness. The win saw their dream come true; it will also open opportunities for the youngsters.

Shakers from Kenya were heavily seen as clear favorites due to their consistent results throughout the competition.However,Sunday’s result was a disappointment for them as some of the member openly expressed displeasure as they walked out of the podium throwing their hands on the air as they talk to themselves.


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