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Cheap One bedroom, Bedsitters and Single rooms in Githurai Nairobi


Githurai is one of the many Estates in Nairobi which accommodates more than 20,000 people and visited by over 10,000 people per day.There are several apartments in Githurai whose houses are single rooms,bedsitters,one bedroom and two bedrooms.

Most people prefer living in Githurai because houses are very cheap and it’s just next to Thika Super Highway.Githurai is also one of the rare estates in Nairobi where you can find all kinds of food cheaply regardless of the season, thanks to the ever busy market within the town.

Who should live in Githurai?
I spent some time in Githurai and I can comfortably attest that the Estate is not only pocket friendly but also convenient for people working anywhere within Nairobi.

A single room in Githurai costs between Ksh 3,500-Ksh 5, 000.However, you can get a house which is even cheaper if you move to the interior parts of the town. When it comes to a bedsitter, you can get one for between Ksh 5,000-Ksh8, 000 and one bedroom for Ksh 7,500-Ksh 14,000.

Someone may wonder why we have not mentioned two or three bedroom houses. Since the Estate attracts low and middle income earners, developers don’t bother building two bedroom houses because they are not pocket friendly.

Single rooms and bedsitters are hot cakes, particularly for people who arrive in Nairobi for the first time to start life. Also, several Kenyatta University (KU) students live in Githurai, thus making bedsitters and single rooms ideal for them.

If you have first set foot in Nirobi, Githurai would be ideal place to start life as you ponder on your next move. If you intend to join Kenyatta University; you can also find a room at Githurai.

When it comes to transport, you don’t need to worry because there are several buses which ply Nairobi-Githurai route (Number 45).These buses charge Ksh 50-Ksh80 during peak hours and as little as Ksh 10 during off peak hours. If you will be commuting to KU then Ksh 20 is enough for the day.


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